Phat Dog Vintage & Galison

500 Piece Puzzle Galison Mudpuppy Galison Puzzles Gold Foil Puzzle Phat Dog Note Cards Phat Dog Vintage Puzzles Puzzles Vintage Agenda Vintage Correspondence Cards Vintage Dollhouse Puzzle Vintage Journal Vintage Library Puzzle Vintage Matchboxes Puzzle Vintage Pencil Puzzle Vintage Playing Card Set Vintage Stamps Puzzle Vintage Stickies Vintage Typewriter

Phat Dog Vintage occasionally partners with Galison to bring together fun photos for puzzles and other gift products. 

  • Robin on

    Would love to know what went into the creation of the preposterous titles on the books in the Vintage Library puzzle. Most of them made me chuckle. Some, I wonder if they are private jokes. Glorious piece of work.

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